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We are associates of a RICS regulated construction consultancy company and can offer a range of services. 

Management & Quantity Surveying Good accurate and concise cost management is essential to enable a project to progress successfully and ensuring that the budget and investment returns are maximised. We have vast experience of managing all aspects of construction finances from feasibility reviews and option appraisals through to project completion.

Contract Administration - In addition to the above we can also offer administration services for all the construction contracts suites, including the issuing of instructions, valuations, or any formal notices as required under the given form of contract.

Employers Agent – For design & build projects, we can combine the above two elements and fully control the project costs and contract administration whilst also ensuring that the Principal Contractors project manager is correctly and accurately delivering the project.

Benchmarking & Auditing – Accurate benchmarking is essential to aid in early feasibility and option appraisal reviews. With our extensive cost database we can offer invaluable, quick and precise cost information which will ultimately aid the client in risk management, cost control and essentially starting a project on a good firm base.


Procurement and Contractual Advice – We have vast experience of utilising all forms of procurement routes and contract suites, and understand all of the positives and negatives of each within any specific project parameters. We will assist to ensure that the correct routes and contractors are chosen to ensure that the clients needs are met and that best value for money is achieved.

Life Cycle Costs – It is essential to understand not only the cost effects of design decision on the capital finances but also how these decisions effect the maintenance and running costs of the building over its life.

Value Engineering – On all projects we will carry out a thorough value engineering exercise to ensure that the project requirements are being met or exceeded utilising the most cost-efficient methods and specifications, ensuring at all times that the functionality and levels of quality are not sacrificed.

Project Management – This is the full client-side management of a project to ensures that the clients interests are protected throughout the course of the scheme. We will manage all aspects of the scheme to ensure a successful delivery of the project, utilising clear effective communication skills with regular reporting of current statuses, change management etc.

Fund Monitoring – We have vast experience of reviewing the viability of projects and de-risking them for both financial institutions and private finances. Also, monitoring the progress on site ensuring that the fund is being utilised correctly.

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